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Inside the Kasbah Telouet

The Kasbah Telouet

The Kasbah Telouet is in the small old town of Telouet in the Atlas Mountains.  The Kasbah, according to our guide, was apparently the seat of the “Lord of the South” until towards the mid 1900’s.  I don’t remember all of the details he provided us, but essentially, the family lost its leadership of southern Morocco […]

Driving Through the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Up and Over the Atlas Mountains of Morocco

Day 2 we were up early for our 7:30 breakfast.  I am not sure exactly what that French speaking lady made us, but they were spongey pancakes, with marmalade that was quite yummy.  Simple and good, couldn’t ask for more.  I had booked prior with a tour company for a day tour over the Atlas […]

Sunset over Marrakesh, Morocco

A Day in Marrakesh, Morocco

Morocco….   somewhere I’ve thought about every great once in a while, always with a desire to go, yet always assuming it would be much later on…   I spent just over a week at the end of December into the beginning of January traveling through Prague, Austria, Bratislava, and Budapest (I’ll be posting about those soon).  […]

Snorkeling in Cavtat, Croatia

Snorkeling in Cavtat, Croatia

We arrived at Cavtat, Croatia in the later afternoon.  After finding our hotel we dropped our stuff, and headed out to grab some food and find a shop that sold snorkels…  Which we successfully did of course, since it was a little touristy town on the water. We headed down the coastline, and found a […]

A grave in Radimlja Nekropola, near Stolac in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The Bosnian Countryside

Waking up in Bosnia was bitter sweet.  It was the morning of my last full day of my two week trip traveling in southern Europe.  Tomorrow morning I would be flying back to the UK.  Not a horrible place, but not exactly the same as the countries along the Mediterranean Sea.  Oh well, so we set […]