The Bosnian Countryside

A grave in Radimlja Nekropola, near Stolac in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Waking up in Bosnia was bitter sweet.  It was the morning of my last full day of my two week trip traveling in southern Europe.  Tomorrow morning I would be flying back to the UK.  Not a horrible place, but not exactly the same as the countries along the Mediterranean Sea.  Oh well, so we set out on the road, back to Croatia.  We decided to change it up and head back a different way to see new sites along the way, and detour through Montenegro (might as well check that country off the list, right?).

A grave in Radimlja Nekropola, near Stolac in Bosnia & HerzegovinaAfter a bit of driving, we stumbled upon a sign for the Radimlja Nekropola.  I love old things and a necropolis, yup, that’s a must see.  It turned out to be an old cemetery with graves from the 15th and 16th centuries.  You can find this just outside of the town of Stolac in Bosnia & Herzegovina.  The tombstones here were amazing, large, heavy blocks over the graves, many of them with illustrations carved into them.  And all of them a stark white against the beautiful green landscape.  A nice little break to get out and stretch one’s legs after driving for a bit. 

Radimlja Nekropola, near Stolac in Bosnia & HerzegovinaFrom there we continued into the little town, Stolac, looking to grab a bite to eat.  Turned out to be easier said than done.  We parked, and wondered throughout the streets of the town, finding bars of locals already drinking, and nothing really serving a meal.  We stopped in a little bakery and got some pastries and hotdogs and called it good enough.

Stolac, Bosnia & HerzegovinaWondering through Stolac, we eventually found ourselves along a road that followed a little stream with a park along its borders, although it was rather dirty and had obviously seen better days.  As we got further down the road we came upon the above abandoned building.  I wonder, it looks as though it might have been a public swimming pool and all of those “closets” are changing stalls?  Really intriguing to wonder sometimes about what a place was and how it might have looked in its day, before the civil war in the 1990’s destroyed it…

Stolac, Bosnia & HerzegovinaFurther down the road we found what appeared to have possibly been a military installation of some kind.  Not very large, but surrounded by fencing with a guardhouse at the entrance.  What really caught my attention, though, was the large hole in the side of the above building.  There’s many smaller holes as well, and this is not the only building with this look in this area.  It would appear Stolac saw its share of violence during the way.

Republica SrpskaAfter we got back on the road, we eventually passed through a portion of the Republic of Srpska.

The Bosnian CountrysideThe countryside of Bosnia & Herzegovina was just beautiful…  I do miss Bosnia, a lot.

The Bosnian Countryside

The Bosnian CountrysidePlaying chicken with goats in MontenegroEventually we crossed into Montenegro through the mountains.  Absolutely gorgeous scenery, but unfortunately it rained pretty heavily so stopping for pictures didn’t really happen too much.  I tried to detour down a little side road at one point to reach what looked like a marvelous old church, but the road didn’t seem to be leading to it, the quality of it quickly deteriorated, and when I finally turned around, I found myself head on with a herd of goats who didn’t want to let me pass!

Overlooking Herceg Novi, MontenegroAs we came out of the mountains over the town of Herceg Novi in Montenegro, the clouds cleared and the sun came out so I could get the above shot.  Beautiful, but we had no time to stop and browse.  Our trek through the Bosnian countryside, mountains, and border control took far longer than anticipated so we decided to skip wandering through this town so that we could get back to our town in Croatia with enough time to go snorkeling again…


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