Snorkeling in Cavtat, Croatia

Cavtat, CroatiaWe arrived at Cavtat, Croatia in the later afternoon.  After finding our hotel we dropped our stuff, and headed out to grab some food and find a shop that sold snorkels…  Which we successfully did of course, since it was a little touristy town on the water.

Snorkeling in Cavtat, CroatiaWe headed down the coastline, and found a little spot of our own along the rocks to leave our stuff and head into the water.  It was beautiful under the water.  So rocky right along the shore, and then fields of tall grass-like plants heading out into the water as far as we could see.

Snorkeling in Cavtat, CroatiaThere were plenty of sea urchins among the rocks, I found a large starfish as well.  And of course, lots of fish swimming amongst them all.

Snorkeling in Cavtat, CroatiaIt was such a relaxing, enjoyable, and unique way to spend our last evening in Croatia, and end my two week trip through Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro.  So much covered, so many unique experiences, a trip I will always remember and cherish.  A trip in which I did the first 11 days all by myself!  Seriously, females, go out and travel by yourself, it is empowering.Snorkeling in Cavtat, Croatia


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