The Kasbah Telouet

The Kasbah TelouetThe Kasbah Telouet is in the small old town of Telouet in the Atlas Mountains.  The Kasbah, according to our guide, was apparently the seat of the “Lord of the South” until towards the mid 1900’s.  I don’t remember all of the details he provided us, but essentially, the family lost its leadership of southern Morocco and the Kasbah quickly went down hill.

The mosque of the Kasbah TelouetThe Kasbah TelouetSince this site is so remote, when we arrived we were the only ones there.  Eventually, we were joined by a couple, but otherwise we saw no one else.  Of course, that is aside from the locals sitting around aside, drinking what I assume was that famous Moroccan tea.

The Kasbah TelouetThe door to the inner living areaFrom the outside, it looks like a huge ruined castle of mud that nature is reclaiming.  Which, for the most part, it is.  The mosque is in fairly good shape, but that might still be in use.

Inside the Kasbah TelouetInside the Kasbah TelouetInside, however, is a completely different story.  Some of the interior rooms where the family lived were gorgeous!  Exactly the type of architecture, design, and details you would expect in a Moroccan palace.  So incredible to see in person.

Inside the Kasbah TelouetInside the Kasbah TelouetOnce we were done browsing, we paid a little boy to use the restrooms outside the Kasbah, which didn’t even have a working flush. Oh, and bring toilet paper along when traveling in Morocco, it’s not always going to be there…

The view of Telouet from the roof of the Kasbah



  1. Fabulous photos.

    1. Thank you! It was so beautiful in those rooms, if only I could live in a place so gorgeous! I think they said the detailing took them about 4 years to complete… So impressive

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