New Life at Wicken Fen

Konik Ponies at Wicken FenSpring has long since arrived here in England and its starting to end and look more like summer here.  That is if you ignore all of the baby animals currently roaming free, and the flowering trees everywhere.  Alright, so it looks like an English summer, not really the summer those of us from the states would be used to.

Konik pony foals at Wicken FenI follow Wicken Fen on Facebook, and was delighted a few weeks ago to start seeing pictures being posted on their page of their newest additions.  They keep a herd of Konik ponies on the fen to graze it naturally.  These guys started having babies!  Is there really anything out there that tops a baby animal in cuteness??  So, I had to plan a venture out to see the little guys.  Weather and other going on’s prevented that from happening until this past weekend.  Boy, were they worth the wait, though!

Rusty, patiently waiting for usI enjoy going to walk through Wicken Fen because it is so peaceful, just foot trails and nature.  And Rusty can come along as well.  That’s probably the biggest plus for me, he loves getting out, so whenever I can take him with, its a plus for both of us.  Although, when we did reach the ponies, I did leave him leashed to the opposite side of the fence from the ponies, while we took pictures of them.  I don’t know what I’d do if a mother decided she wasn’t cool with us and got at him!

Konik pony foal at Wicken FenKonik pony foal at Wicken FenSo, we found the ponies easy enough; the staff in the visitor center are super friendly and helpful and eagerly pointed out on the map where to find them.  They weren’t too long of a walk from the visitor center.  They were out in a field just off of the path.  There were quite a few little foals throughout the herd, and we had an absolute blast photographing them, before eventually continuing on down the Adventurer’s Trail (great name, right?).

Highland cattle at Wicken FenNot far down the trail we could see a small group of highland cattle out in a mucky field.  They were a fair distance away, though, and had no young ones with them, so we quickly continued on.

A lapwing harassing a crow at Wicken FenThroughout Wicken Fen there are quite a few hides situated looking over bodies of water, where you can sit and watch the birds.  We found ourselves sitting in Charlie’s Hide, watching quite a variety of birds come and go from the water.  Egrets, ducks, geese, coots, lapwings (my favorite, they’re so cool looking in flight and have the neatest sounding call), crows, and terns, all living together, or chasing each other.  It was relaxing to just sit, watch, and listen to all of the birds. A lapwing harassing a crow at Wicken FenCanadian geese at Wicken FenA little grebe at Wicken Fen

A tern of some sort at Wicken FenAs we continued down the trail, we eventually found ourselves across a waterway from another, smaller herd of the Konik ponies.  These guys, though, had no little ones, so we watched, took some quick pictures, and started walking again.  By the time we made it back to the visitor center, the sun was hidden behind clouds and the wind was picking up.  Typical English weather, always changing…

Konik Ponies at Wicken FenWe grabbed a quick lunch at the little cafe next to the visitor center.  The food is pretty good, try out their hot soup (hot foods served from 12 to 3PM) when the weather turns cold.  Flying all around the outdoor tables are a lot of little sparrows.  Some of them would sit in the tree branches near us just long enough for me to snap a quick picture of them.  Or, if they’re feeling bold, some will fly right down onto your table to steal away crumbs…

A little sparrow at Wicken Fen


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