Sheffield’s Vintage Flea Market

The Abbeydale Picture House, SheffieldThe other weekend I made the two hour drive with a friend to Sheffield, for their quarterly vintage flea market.  The flea market was being held in the heart of the “Sheffield Antiques Quarter.”  If you browse their website, you will be quickly left with the impression that this area is loaded with antique stores and you’ll be adequately kept busy for the day…

Inside the The Abbeydale Picture House, SheffieldWell, firstly, the flea market was rather small.  Actually, it was very small.  So small that I was highly disappointed that we drove two hours for it.  Had we not scored some great finds and deals, I would have deemed the day a waste.  As it is, we did find some great stuff, so I’ll call it a draw, but I won’t be rushing back anytime soon.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing the quality, so much as the size, versus the time required to get there.  The flea market occupied a very small, I guess you could call it a square, off of the street, and the bottom floor of the old picture house (pictured above).

The Vintage Flea Market in SheffieldOf the various booths, there was a good amount of old vintage clothes that we had a blast browsing through. We found some cute things, and actually got really good deals on a lot of it.  Prices at this flea market were great, and for that reason, if you’re in the area when they have one of these, I highly recommend you check it out.  Just don’t drive two hours out of your way to do so.  If you’re lucky enough to find them there again, do try the doughnut stand.  The lemon meringue stuffed doughnut was pure heaven.  So much so that I bought a second for the long drive back…

Graffiti in SheffieldFortunately for us, the area surrounding the flea market is known as the Antiques Quarter, and houses a handful of antique centers and stores.  Walking around, however, there really didn’t seem to be much open, probably because it was a Sunday.  In England, not much likes to be open on Sunday, and if it is open, its not for very long.  I’m not sure why they have the vintage flea markets only on Sunday’s, but you would think stores would want to be open during that, for the additional customers…  Either way, we found a few centers that were open, one was rather expensive, another simply refurbished furniture, but one did have a large variety of fun, affordable things.  So, all in all, check this out this vintage flea market if you are in the area, or if you make the drive, maybe make a weekend of it and see the Peak District nearby to actually make this worth the time you’ve spent driving.  You can browse their website and decide for yourself, here.


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