Exploring a Fortified Church

A cute little pink church in Agârbiciu, Sibiu, Romania.It was still a long drive of a couple hours before we finally passed by Sibiu and started in the direction of Sighisoara.  The stretch of land between these two cities is littered with old fortified churches and we had a lot of them plotted on the GPS to hit.  Where else do you see fortified churches like these, with this many of them so close together?

Another little church in Agârbiciu, Sibiu, Romania.In a village before the first fortified church, I spotted a cute little pink church and pulled over for it.  I have a thing for photographing little churches, and a pink one couldn’t be missed!  Perfectly matching it’s pinkness was the elaborate gate with a heart in it.  The side street it was on the corner of, had another little church, this one more of an orange shade…

The Biserica Fortificata din Axente SeverWe continued on to the next town to see the Biserica Fortificata din Axente Sever.  This is one of many fortified churches throughout Romania.  This one was built sometime during the 14th century.  The gate was open and after paying 5 lei a piece (about $1.25) we were able to walk around and go inside the church.  For hours, check this site.

The Biserica Fortificata din Axente Sever

Inside the church, the roof was vaulted, while the rest of the decorations were kept simple, yet beautiful, and softly lit.

Inside the Biserica Fortificata din Axente SeverWhen I came out of the church, the man running the place had just unlocked another door further down the building and told me we could go up to the tower.  Win!  I quickly rushed back into the church to inform my friends where I was heading and off I went…Inside the Biserica Fortificata din Axente SeverThere are a lot of steps up the tower!  First, it takes you into the upper balcony area of the church with the organ.  From there, there are another set of very worn, stone stairs in shabby condition that lead up to the next level.  Here you get to cross over the vaulted roof of the church, ducking under beams on your way…

Up in the tower of the Biserica Fortificata din Axente Sever

Once across this area, you find another set of stairs leading up to the next flight, and then another, and another, until eventually you are climbing up a narrow, steep set of stairs that are practically a ladder.

Up in the tower of the Biserica Fortificata din Axente SeverI hardly noticed the amount of stairs, though, I was far too excited to reach the top of the tower and to look out over the little town of Axente Sever, I didn’t pause once in my climb up.  For good reason too, once I got up there, the view was breathtaking.  The town lies in a little valley of sorts, with its collection of colorful houses, a stark white, old church, and lush green vegetation all around.

Ringing the bells of the Biserica Fortificata din Axente Sever (not really!)The tower itself was incredible too.  The top was an open area, that was criss crossed with so many support beams, holding up a lot of old, large bells.  I couldn’t help but pretend to ring some of those…

Up in the tower of the Biserica Fortificata din Axente SeverI’ve seen a lot of different styles of churches throughout  Europe, but I think I have found a new favorite.  These fortified churches of Romania are beautiful, with so much character, and charm, and just an incredible sight to behold.



  1. Lovely presentation of this church!

    1. Thank you! It was so much fun to explore and photograph it! These old fortified churches in Romania are just gorgeous.

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