A Morning in Sighișoara

Sighișoara and its Clock Tower in the early morningWe woke up relatively early in the morning to be able to wander around the little, old fortified town of Sighișoara.  If you’re up and out the door before or around 9 in the morning, you can wander the streets with very few other people out and about.  I have always preferred to take my pictures of places without people in them!

Sighișoara and its Clock Tower in the early morningSighișoara quickly became one of my favorite little European towns.  The fortified area is small, but very quaint and peaceful (especially in the early morning).  The buildings and houses throughout are all different, bright colors.  The little side streets, lined with these bright and cheerful houses were so cute and lovely to walk down.  It just makes a sunny morning feel even more cheerful and sunny.

Church of the Dominican MonasteryOn the square with the Clock Tower is the Church of the Dominican Monastery, dating from around the 13th century (restored several times since then).  The Vlad Dracul House is also on this square, and is the bright yellow building in a picture above with the Clock Tower.  In 1431, Vlad Tepes (the inspiration for Dracula) was born in this house which belonged to his father.  They lived in this house until 1435, until the family moved.

Wandering around Sighișoara in the morningWandering around Sighișoara in the morningOn another little square, the same one as our hotel, was the Stag House.  High up on the corner of this building is a stag’s skull protruding from it.  Upon the wall behind it, is a painting of the stag’s body.  It was an interesting little piece of art to stumble upon.

Wandering around Sighișoara in the morningWandering around Sighișoara in the morningWandering around, we found a little display for a torture chamber.  For a really cheap entrance fee, we went in, only to find that it was literally a chamber.  A very small chamber with not a whole to look at.  Kind of disappointing, but oh well, at least it was cheap.


The Holy Trinity ChurchOne of quite a few towers along Sighișoara's wallsWe then went to climb up the clock tower we had seen the night before.  Unlike the torture chamber, this was worth the entrance price.  There are a lot of different little stairways to climb up, with each floor housing displays for the museum in the tower.  Eventually, you reach the top and find yourself on a little balcony, able to walk all the way around the tower and enjoy the views of the city below.  Again, absolutely beautiful.  Worth the money, and worth the climb.

The view from the clock towerAfterwards, we browsed through some of the little stands of trinkets for sale around the square below the clock tower.  We found some souvenirs and then headed back to our hotel to grab our stuff and head on our way for the day.  If you want more information about the old town of Sighișoara, you can read about it on UNESCO’s site, here.


The view from the clock tower of the Church of the Dominican Monastery


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