The Fortified Church of Saschiz

The old castle/fortress over SaschizAfter driving for a bit, we stumbled upon Saschiz Fortified Church, in the little town of the same name.  Eager for a stop, we pulled over to see it and stretch our legs.  Up on a hill behind the village is a large, old fortress.  I don’t know if you can visit this one, it was a bit too far for us to bother to take the time to find out.  We had other plans for our day…

The Fortified Church of SaschizSince it was daytime now, the church was open and we were able to go inside for a small fee.  The church was simple, yet beautiful inside.  There were stairs in the back of the church that brought you up onto the back balcony with the organ.  There was sheet music still laying out for the musician’s use.

Inside the Fortified Church of SaschizThe organ also had a little mirror on it, which happened to reflect the aisle and altar of the church when I snapped a picture of it.

The organ inside the Fortified Church of SaschizThe Fortified Church of SaschizThere was a different set of stairs in the back of the church that spiraled up to the attic of the church.  A word of caution, a portion of these stairs were very dark, there were no electric lights, and sunlight just didn’t reach it.  It is a only a short distance in the dark, though.  Once you’re up in the attic, you are standing on a boardwalk of sorts over the vaulted ceiling of the church below.  It is quite impressive to view from above.  Especially considering it was over 500 years ago that men built this church.

The tower of the fortified church of SaschizThe church was built in the late 15th century, and you can see the toll time has taken upon it.  The old tower which is not connected to the church has large cracks down the sides of it.  The clock on its front suffers from cracks and disrepair as well.  It is sad to see such a beautiful structure slowly withering away.  I hope they will get around to repairing this one before it is lost for good.

The tower of the fortified church of Saschiz


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