Râșnov and Brașov

Râșnov CitadelAfter our time in Bran, we started making our way to our destination for the night, an apartment in Brașov.  Along the way, we spotted the Râșnov Citadel high up on a hill.  It sticks out and you really can’t miss it, it has giant, Hollywood style, lettering across the hillside underneath it!  We pulled over, snapped a few pics, and resumed our journey.

BrașovWe arrived in Brașov in the evening, found a place to park, and made our way to our apartment, which was located across the street from the main square, with a nice view of it.  We settled in, used the internet, and found a good restaurant online.

BrașovWhen we found the strength to, we got up, meandered across the street to the square.  We walked around it, snapping a few pics, and then made our way down a side street to the restaurant.  Oh, by the way, Brașov is just as cheesy as Râșnov Citadel and had its own Hollywood sign up on the hillside above it.  Go figure.

The Biserica Neagră or "Black Church" in BrașovDinner was amazing, we ate at the Gaura Dulce.  They had live music throughout the meal, and the food was overall good.  Although at this point, we were exhausted and starving, pretty much anything might have tasted good to us.

Brașov at nightAfter dinner, we wandered around, took some night shots, and then found our way back to our apartment.  We crashed hard for the night, vaguely aware that tomorrow would bring the end of our time in Romania…

The Biserica Neagră or "Black Church" in Brașov


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