Norway, You’re Beautiful!!

One of many little lakes all over NorwayA friend and I took a Friday off from work last month and hopped over to Norway, largely, to hike to Pulpit Rock.  Our plane landed at Stavanger’s airport just before midnight on Thursday night.  By the time we got our rental car and hit the road it was around 1230am.  After getting a little confused on the highway (road construction that my outdated GPS didn’t know about), and stopping to take pictures of a still lit up sky (think eternal twilight), we eventually arrived at our little apartment for the weekend. I rented the place from Stavanger Housing, which I found on  It was a cute little apartment, with a bedroom for me, and another for my friend, a kitchen, and living area.  Perfect to crash in for a weekend and in a quiet part of town.

Driving through NorwayThe next morning, we didn’t rush to get out the door after arriving so late the night before.  Eventually we got on the road and headed out towards Manafossen waterfall.  We stopped along the way for pictures of the gorgeous scenery and a little church in Dirdal set at the bottom of a perfect valley.  Have I mentioned Norway is beautiful?

The little church in Dirdal, NorwayThe little church in Dirdal, NorwayAfter seeing Dirdal’s little church, we resumed our travels.  The drive took us deeper into the heart of the mountains, past lakes, rivers, and other, cascading waterfalls.

The lake alongside the road to ManafossenWhen we turned off the “main” road onto a smaller, one lane road, for several miles to the falls, the views got even better.  We stopped at one point along this road to get out and take pictures of a waterfall coming down over a cliff.  When we crossed the road to take pictures of a peaceful lake there, a duck came right up near to my friend.  When we returned to the car, he followed her.  I busted out some food, and we fed the little guy, before eventually getting back in the car and heading to the falls once more.

The river alongside the parking lotThe river alongside the parking lotOnce we finally got to the parking lot for Manafossen falls, we walked along the river by it, taking a few more pictures.  Norway is so beautifully pristine, I dare you to go and try not take pictures of everything you see!

ManafossenThe sign at the bottom of the stairs leading up from the parking lot said it was a 30 minute trek to the falls.  I didn’t time it, but that’s got to be about right.  30 minutes of climbing, up stairs, over rocks, and clinging to chains along the path to help pull yourself up and not fall.  It is quite a climb, I wouldn’t recommend taking small children (although there were people there doing just that).

ManafossenManafossenBy the time we reached the top, we were huffing and puffing, but once we saw the falls, it was all worth it.  The river flows through a high valley, lined by rocky mountains, before reaching a huge drop and creating a gorgeous, powerful waterfall.  Making it even better was the rainbow in the mist from the falls below.  Absolutely incredible and magical.

We stayed for a while, following the path a little further up for better views, before eventually starting the climb back down to the car.  We had a lot more ground to cover and we had killed enough time already, which was more than worth it!



ManafossenWe kept driving further inland, deeper and higher into the mountains.  Before long, we found ourselves up in the snow amongst a bunch of cabins.  What a lifestyle the people who own these must live.

Driving back down the road, leaving ManafossenFrom this point on, it was a lot of driving, stopping to see this or that view or site.  All the while in awe of this beautiful place…

Norwegian countryside...Highland cattle (from Scotland) in Norway!Cabin in the snow covered mountains of NorwayOne of our last stops as we were leaving the mountains was Terland Klopp.  The sign by it claimed it is “the longest and best preserved stone slab bridge in the Nordic countries.” It was believed to have been built in the early 1800’s with various modifications and still used up until 1977.

Terland Klopp



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    indeed it is, reminds me of Scotland

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