A Cruise on the Lysefjord

Just around the corner from our apartment in StavangerThe morning after our hike to Pulpit Rock, we slept in, just a bit, before getting all of our stuff together to leave our little apartment for good.  We had a flight back later in the afternoon, but first we had booked a little cruise up the Lysefjord.  We wanted to see Pulpit Rock from below!

The streets of downtown StavangerThe cruise departed the harbor in Stavanger, and went amongst some little islands for a while, until eventually we could see the mouth of the fjord.  Until then, though, we stayed down below where it was warm, and out of the strong wind blowing above.

The entrance to the LysefjordThe LysefjordWhen we came up top, we made our way to the front of the boat, and I saw that the floor in the very front was empty, with nothing to obstruct the view.  I quickly went and sat there.  Sitting my camera on the floor, right where the floor ended and fjord began, made for some pretty, low-down pictures and video of the Lysefjord.

A cave along the LysefjordThe LysefjordThe boat took us to see a cave that people used to hide in, back in the past, then further up the fjord until we arrived at Pulpit Rock.  Which, frankly, turned out to be quite a disappointment.  It was so small and unnoticeable from below, especially if you weren’t already looking for it.  Oh well.  It was still at least neat to look up at how high we had been the day before and to know that we accomplished that.

Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)Cruising on the LysefjordFrom there, the boat took us a little bit further up the fjord to a waterfall coming down over a cliff-side.  At this point, I had to move back, they literally drove the front of the boat into the falls as one of the employees collected some of the water in a bucket.  They brought out plastic cups and proceeded to give us all a glass of the fresh mountain water to drink.  It was so cold, crisp, and pure, absolutely delicious.

Getting fresh mountain water to drinkThe waterfall on the Lysefjord that we all got to drink fromAfter the water sampling, the boat turned back for Stavanger.  I snapped a few more pictures, then we retreated to the downstairs area for some warmth.  There, we spoke with a senior couple who ave been traveling all over the world, including a recent trip to Antarctica…  After hearing just how amazing that trip was, I think I know what I need to start planning for…Stavanger, Norway

A neat telephone booth back in Stavanger


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