Norway’s Coastline Reminds Me of Home…

The swords in stone monumentAfter our cruise of the Lysefjord, and getting to see Pulpit Rock from below after our hike to it, we got back on the road, hitting a few sites before going to the airport for our late afternoon flight.  We headed west out of Stavanger to go see an interesting monument.  This was a trio of large stone swords in the ground.   In the year 872, Harald Hårfagre fought a battle here that united Norway.

The swords in stone monumentA jellyfish that was washed up near the swords in stone monumentWhen we got there, there was a Viking festival going on the adjoining park, so the area was quite crowded.  We didn’t have any cash left, so we weren’t able to go to the festival, but we did at least get to the see the swords, which were outside of the fenced area.

A little beach in Sola, NorwayA little beach in Sola, NorwayI love the feeling of sand between my toesFrom there, we started making our way South along the coastline, stopping at little villages and for a walk along a beautiful beach.  I couldn’t very well leave Norway without putting my feet in the ocean!

The little harbor of Ølberg HavnevegSome buildings along the harbor or Ølberg HavnevegBuildings along another little harbor we foundBy the mid-afternoon, we were back at the airport, dropping the rental off.  Norway was such an incredibly beautiful place, and reminds me so much of my home state, Maine, especially along its coastline.  I loved every minute of it.  Stavanger makes such a perfect little weekend getaway!The little harbor with the yellow and red buildings pictured aboveAn old anchor along edge of the harborA cute little house along the coast



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    Looks beautiful

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