Touring the Lake District

Ullswater Lake, Lake DistrictSo I have been really busy since the spring of this year, with various vacations, weekend road trips, and a lot of work.  As a result, I’ve got so much stuff to post about now that life is slowing down a bit.  Back at the end of May, I took a weekend road trip up to the Lake District with a friend and Rusty.  We wanted to hike up High Street Peak.  On our first day, though, we arrived in the late afternoon, and decided to explore some of the Lake District before finding our hotel.

At Aira ForceOur first destination was Aira Force, a beautiful, multi-tiered waterfall.  Before we arrived, we stopped for some pictures of Ullswater Lake.  Then we made our way the short remaining distance to the parking area for Aira Force.  It is a decent walk to get to the falls, not too long that anyone would have issues with it, but long enough to adequately stretch your legs.  Along the way, we meandered down a smaller path that followed the little river, where I found the above flower.  So much lush plant life down there!

Aira ForceWhen we made it to the falls, they were breathtaking.  There’s a viewing platform at the bottom of a rather long staircase down.  But it’s worth the climb back up to see it from there.  The path continues along, from the top, past the falls, but I can’t say what it leads to.  We saw the falls and turned back.  It was getting later in the afternoon, and we had more we wanted to see.

Rusty wanted to help me show just how big the tree was at Aira ForceAs we walked back to the car, I spotted this huge tree and decided to get a picture with it for size comparison.  My silly pup, Rusty, follows me everywhere I go, and insisted in being a part of the tree photo!  I really should have named him Shadow.

A wishing tree at Aira ForceAs you get closer to the parking lot, there’s this wishing tree just off of the path.  People pound coins into the tree and make a wish.  I wonder if this tree had already fallen when people began to pound the coins in?  Or did the coins kill the tree?

Lambs frolicking in the Lake DistrictOur next destination was the Castlerigg Stone Circle.  The GPS took us down a bunch of small, winding roads to reach it.  Along the way, we passed a pasture full of little lambs running all over the place.  We stopped to take pictures and watch them as they played king of the mountain with a large rock in the field.  Don’t you just love spring?

Castlerigg Stone CircleCastlerigg Stone CircleWhen we arrived at Castlerigg Stone Circle, we were happy to find that there was only one other pair of people there.  We had a blast taking photos of the circle, it’s located in such a perfect setting with those snow covered mountains in the background.  I didn’t expect to see snow here, not at the end of May.

Castlerigg Stone CircleAfter our time at the stone circle, we continued on our way.  We drove about on some of the roads, making our way trough Kirkstone Pass before finally heading for our hotel for the night.  We wanted to be well rested for our hike in the morning!

Driving through Kirkstone Pass in the Lake District


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