Hiking High Street Peak

A bridge along the way to our hike for the dayThe next morning we got up, got ready quickly, and hit the road to our hike for the day, High Street Peak.  The route took us down tiny little roads, as I’ve realized is very typical for the countryside in the UK, and over the above little bridge.  I love the little, old stone bridges you see everywhere in the countryside here.

Haweswater ReservoirAs we drove nearer to the start of the hike, we passed the Haweswater Reservoir, which runs all the way up to the base of the mountain.

Starting our hike up to High Street PeakOnce at the parking lot, we struggled to find a spot to fit the car.  We had no idea how busy this hike would be, we had chosen it so randomly.  We put together a couple of sandwiches quickly, put on our hiking bags, and hit the trail.

Along the hike to High Street PeakThe above shot is looking out over the valley and up at High Street Peak, with snow on it!  We didn’t think this hike through very well…  But we kept going.  The view was beautiful, and in addition to the stream across the valley, there was one alongside the trail that we followed for a long stretch of the trail.

Along the hike to High Street Peak

Looking back down the mountainside, the car park is down by the reservoirAs you can see in the picture below, the hike started down by the reservoir, where the road ends just out of the frame on the right, you can see the road along the waterside.

Rusty looking back down the mountainside, the car park is down by the reservoir

Along the trailThe hike is kind of split into two sections, you climb up for a while, and eventually arrive at a flatter section of the trail, with a little pond/lake.  We decided this was a good mid-way point, and stopped to have a sandwich and rest, before continuing our hike up the mountain.

Our stop for lunch along the hike to High Street Peak

Along the trailThe above picture is looking back at the little lake where we stopped for lunch on the opposite side of it.  From this point on, the weather decided to turn against us.  First with light drizzles, and then some rain…

It was snowing on top of the mountainAnd then when we got onto the upper part of the mountain, it started snowing on us!  The mountain continues further up than what you can see in this picture, the weather was hiding it.  We kept going, determined to reach the peak of the mountain.  On top, where the peak was, was largely flat, and very open.  We were getting pelted with wind and snow.  As soon as we found the marker for the peak, we immediately turned back to get out of the snow!  Despite the cold up there, the hike was more than worth it, with spectacular views of the lakes below…

The view back down the mountain, almost from the top. At the top we were in clouds and snow and didn't have a view...

This hike was 3.5 miles one way, there was a different way to go down, but we decided not to try and find it with the weather.  I’m not sure if that would make your return trip shorter or longer.  Overall climb for this, from the parking lot to the peak is about 570 meters (the peak is at an elevation of 828 meters).  Oh, and if you’re wondering about the odd naming of this mountain as we were, it was apparently named for an old Roman road that ran over the summit of it.


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