Exploring by Dog Sled

Dog sledding on day 3 across a frozen river or lakeThe next morning I woke with the sun to find the attic was freezing cold.  Boy did I NOT want to get out of that sleeping bag!!  Eventually I did, bundled up, and made the trip to the outhouse.  Brrrrr…   As we ate breakfast we discussed how cold it had become overnight, and the realization that we had all let the fire go out.  A mistake we decided to not let happen again the next night!  After breakfast we bundled up in all of our gear and headed out to get our teams ready for the day’s drive!

The view from the little island we stopped on for our lunchI want to say we did 20-25km this day.  We didn’t have a final destination to make it to, we weren’t lugging our luggage with us, just us, the sleds, and the dogs, free in the wilds of Northern Sweden.   It was incredible.  And to top it all off, I didn’t fall off that sled this day!  Not once!!

Waiting on lunch in the teepeeWe stopped for lunch at a little teepee on an island in the middle of a river or lake, I’m not sure which honestly.  We secured the sleds so the dogs couldn’t run off with them, while we sat inside the teepee, getting hot drinks and hotdogs they cooked in the cans on the fire.  Such a meh meal anywhere else, but there, it was fantastic.  Funny how that works sometimes…

I took the chance to get a shot with my team outside while waiting on lunch to cook.  Loden, the big white one under my arm was the individual who’d been attempting to kill me the prior day.  We got on fabulously now and he was such a snuggler!  Even Rizla under my other arm put up with me for the time being.  The two gals in the front could almost care less, oh well, I had Loden and he was all I needed!

Me with my dog sled team :)The day’s drive was amazing and forever burned into my mind.  It was peaceful in those woods, and so much fun going down the hills with the various bumps along the way.  I had an absolute blast and wouldn’t hesitate to do this again, except for the fact that I only have so much vacation time in a year and there’s so many places to see and things to do!

We woke up to new snow on the last day!In the evening we all hung out around the fire again with more games.  There was no aurora this night, but I was too tired to truly try searching for it, and probably wouldn’t have been up to being out in the freezing cold for more pictures of it!  It was an early bedtime for me that night, and the following morning we woke up to it snowing outside!  As you can see in the above pic, Rizla didn’t seem too impressed with it.  I soon realized why…

Poor Rizla looked horrified to find it was snowing!Driving back to the lodge this morning was freezing cold and miserable.  The snow was non-stop driving into our faces, making my scarf over my nose and mouth wet and cold and just plain miserable.  Even with sunglasses on that covered my face pretty well, some snow was still getting blown behind them, so I had to keep my eyes squinted the whole way.  We couldn’t get back to the lodge quick enough!  Once we did, it was a quick process of unhooking the dogs so they could be put in their respective pens, changing into fresh, dry clothes, and then getting a ride to the airport where we were all catching flights out later in the afternoon.

Dog Sledding back to the lodge while it was snowingAll in all, despite this last morning of snow, it was an absolutely incredible trip and one I cannot recommend enough!  Although, I will point out, if you choose to do this, our guide told us we came at the right time, one of the weekends in the second half of March.  There was still enough snow on the ground for sledding and auroras at night, but the days were much better weather (not as cold and snowing all the time) and longer.  So, try and book for a trip in March!!

The video below has footage from the long day’s drive all over Northern Sweden, check it out and make sure you watch it in HD!



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