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Dog Sledding back to the lodge while it was snowing

Exploring by Dog Sled

I want to say we did 20-25km this day. We didn’t have a final destination to make it to, we weren’t lugging our luggage with us, just us, the sleds, and the dogs, free in the wilds of Northern Sweden. It was incredible. And to top it all off, I didn’t fall off that sled this day! Not once!!

The boys on my team: Rizla (left) and Loden (right)

Dog Sledding in Northern Sweden

In the morning we woke, had breakfast, then had enough time to pack our stuff up and get dressed in our snow gear.  We then carried our bags outside (bring a small carry on size bag for this trip) and waited for instructions.   Our guide brought us over to a dog sled, without the […]

The Aurora!!!

Welcome to the Arctic Circle!

As we start to truly get into the winter season, I think it’s time to share about my favorite winter experience from last March.  In the fall of 2014 I stumbled upon a Groupon deal for a 3 night trip to northern Sweden.  This wasn’t just a simple go and wander around a city tour. […]