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Rusty looking back down the mountainside, the car park is down by the reservoir

Hiking High Street Peak

The next morning we got up, got ready quickly, and hit the road to our hike for the day, High Street Peak.  The route took us down tiny little roads, as I’ve realized is very typical for the countryside in the UK, and over the above little bridge.  I love the little, old stone bridges […]

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Touring the Lake District

So I have been really busy since the spring of this year, with various vacations, weekend road trips, and a lot of work.  As a result, I’ve got so much stuff to post about now that life is slowing down a bit.  Back at the end of May, I took a weekend road trip up […]

Could there have been a more beautiful sunrise for this day?!?

Happy Summer Solstice from Stonehenge!!

Time to take a little hiatus from my posts about the travels through Romania, to bring to you something a little special…  Every year, for both the summer and the winter solstices, English Heritage opens up Stonehenge to the public, free of charge, to wander amongst the stones.  I wouldn’t really have bothered with this, […]

The Vintage Flea Market in Sheffield

Sheffield’s Vintage Flea Market

The other weekend I made the two hour drive with a friend to Sheffield, for their quarterly vintage flea market.  The flea market was being held in the heart of the “Sheffield Antiques Quarter.”  If you browse their website, you will be quickly left with the impression that this area is loaded with antique stores […]

Konik Ponies at Wicken Fen

New Life at Wicken Fen

Spring has long since arrived here in England and its starting to end and look more like summer here.  That is if you ignore all of the baby animals currently roaming free, and the flowering trees everywhere.  Alright, so it looks like an English summer, not really the summer those of us from the states […]

The Ruins of Llanthony Priory

Day 2 saw us on the road early, heading to see Llanthony Priory before starting the long drive back home.  These days, Llanthony Priory is just some ruins within a beautiful green valley, north of the city of Abergavenny.  Built in the early 1100’s, its seen a lot of use as an Augustinian priory before […]

Carreg Cennen Castle

Exploring the Brecon Beacons

Do you guys ever just not feel like writing?  Sometimes I just hit a period of time where I just don’t want to.  Maybe this is the blogger’s form of writer’s block.  It is not that I don’t have anything to write about, I have plenty to share with you all, but I just can’t […]