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Sighișoara and its Clock Tower in the early morning

A Morning in Sighișoara

We woke up relatively early in the morning to be able to wander around the little, old fortified town of Sighișoara.  If you’re up and out the door before or around 9 in the morning, you can wander the streets with very few other people out and about.  I have always preferred to take my […]

The cloisters of the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

The Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

Day 3 dawned with a twinge of sadness.  It was my last day in Portugal, a place I had quickly grown to love.  For a moment I wished I had planned for longer in Portugal, but I quickly reminded myself of all of the adventures to come on my trek through southern Europe.  I got […]

The azujelos lined cloisters

In Search of the Thieves’ Market

I was up bright and early on day two.  My tuk tuk driver had told me about the flea market that they had on Tuesday mornings, and where it was, next to the Panteao Nacional, which used to be the Church of Santa Engrácia, but was converted in the 20th century to a pantheon for famous […]

Santa Justa Lift

Lisboa – My Kind of Paradise!

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you might remember me mentioning traveling through southern Europe back in the summer for two weeks…  Well, here I go on catching you guys up on that adventure!  Which it was, without a doubt, an amazing adventure!  I spent 15 days on the […]

Montparnasse Cemetery

Lost in Paris

After a late night, I  slept in just a bit, before getting ready to head out and see Paris.  I really wanted to see the catacombs, but after reading on their web site ahead of time, I knew the line could become really long, like four hours of waiting long.  So I figured I’d start […]