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The mosque in Pocitelj, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Driving Through Bosnia & Herzegovina

The following morning we left the walled city of Dubrovnik, picked up our rental car, and set off to the old city of Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina.  The drive North through some of Croatia, and then Northwest through Bosnia & Herzegovina was beautiful.  The terrain reminded me a lot of Crete. After crossing the […]

The swimming pool at Paraje Natural del Salto de la Novia

La Fuente de Los Baños

While I had been sitting at the airport in Lisbon, Portugal, waiting for my flight to Valencia, I decided to see if there were any little day trip options out of Valencia.  My two little day trips out of Lisbon, one to Cascais, the other to explore Sintra had both gone extremely well and I […]

Around the Blue Lagoon

The Last of Iceland

Day 8 dawned dreary and rainy.  We had planned on doing a several hour hike to see the tallest waterfall in Iceland, Glymur.  I had read a lot about this hike.  Sitting in the parking lot at the base of the hike, listening to the rain, I debated its safety.  I knew it should go […]


Water From Lava

Our final destination for the day was a hotel on Hvalfjörður fjord.  Once we got closer to that area, there were a few things I had found for us to stop and see.  The first of these was Deildartunguhver Hot Springs.  It was not a huge site, but worth the stop.  You walk from the parking […]


Dipping My Feet in Grjótagjá

After climbing Hverfjall Crater, we drove back North a bit and took a little road out to see Grjótagjá.  This is a small cave with a geothermally heated spring in it.  Not a cave in the sense that you’re going a distance under ground.  You walk/climb down a few rocks maybe 10 feet and there you […]