Work continuously brings me, for a few weeks to several months, every so often, to the amazingly gorgeous island of Crete in Greece.  I have fallen in love with the land, the architecture, the people…  I have never been anywhere like Crete, where I just feel so relaxed, at peace, and at home.  They approach life in a much more laid-back, easy-going way, and are so friendly with you, especially if you attempt to at least greet them in Greek.  I have received numerous little gifts, ranging from a fresh loaf of homemade bread out of a stove oven, oranges just picked (you’ll never enjoy an American orange again), or a little bunch of mint stuffed in the brochure for the store).  I take my typical adventurous approach to life in Crete, and try to see as much of it as I can, even if the places I go are not the typical tourist destinations.  In my opinion, those tend to be the best anyways…  Below is a list of my posts from Crete, separated out by the different trips.  Enjoy, and if you have any questions about where to find things, don’t hesitate to ask!

Posts From Crete:

2014 – January through March

2013 – April

2015 – September & October


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