BrúarfossFor the first 8 days of May in 2014 we traveled the ring road of Iceland…  One of the most amazing trips I have been on to this date…  I started filming some of the locations we visited while on this trip, so not only do you have pictures and descriptions, you get to see AND hear these places, and see just what the surrounding area is like!  Do remember, though, we were there in early May, tourists were there, but tourist season wasn’t in full swing yet!

Day One – The Golden Circle:

Day Two – The Golden Circle:

Day Three – The South:

Day Four – The South:

Day Five – The South to the East:

Day Six – Heading Back West to the Lake Myvatn Area:

Day 7 – Continuing West to the Coast:

Day 8 – Finishing up in Iceland:

  • The Last of Iceland

Hveraröndor Hverir Geothermal Area


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