The morning after our hike to Pulpit Rock, we slept in, just a bit, before getting all of our stuff together to leave our little apartment for good.  We had a flight back later in the afternoon, but first we had booked a little cruise up the Lysefjord.  We wanted to see Pulpit Rock from below! […]

Enjoying the view after the long hike up to Pulpit Rock

We woke up early on Saturday to catch the first ferry from Stavanger to Tau at 6am.  We drove onto the ferry, got out and climbed the stairs to a seating area where we paid for the ferry ride, which for the two of us, with a car, cost about 200KR.  We then went back outside […]

An old boat house on the island of Eigerøya

As we left the mountains and started to get close to the coast, I could feel the change in the air, I could smell it.  I grew up near the coast of Maine, and to this day, the smell of a coastline, the fresh air mixed in the breeze with the smell of the salt […]

A friend and I took a Friday off from work last month and hopped over to Norway, largely, to hike to Pulpit Rock.  Our plane landed at Stavanger’s airport just before midnight on Thursday night.  By the time we got our rental car and hit the road it was around 1230am.  After getting a little […]

Taking in the view at Peleș Castle in Romania

Our last morning dawned bright and early, finding us back on the road towards our last destination.  We had an afternoon flight out from Bucharest, and had one more stop to squeeze in on our drive to the airport. The town of Sinaia is tucked into the Carpathian mountains and full of old buildings and […]

The Biserica Neagră or "Black Church" in Brașov

After our time in Bran, we started making our way to our destination for the night, an apartment in Brașov.  Along the way, we spotted the Râșnov Citadel high up on a hill.  It sticks out and you really can’t miss it, it has giant, Hollywood style, lettering across the hillside underneath it!  We pulled […]

The back roads of Romania

After our explorations of the fortified church in Saschiz we got back on the road.  I don’t think we got very far before the GPS had us take a right turn…  Which took us through the absolute middle of nowhere, down rough, broken pavement, and gravel roads.  Of course, it was an absolutely beautiful drive […]