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Looking up at the top of the Samaria Gorge

Hiking the Longest Gorge in Europe

One bright morning in mid-September, in Crete, found us up and ready to catch a cab to Chania, where we would catch a bus at 7:45 AM to Omalos, the start of the Samaria Gorge hike.  Despite how early it was, we were all eager to get going and start this hike down the longest […]

The Little Lamb of Diktamos

Snuggling Lambs in Diktamos Gorge

Back in February we did a shorter hike down Diktamos Gorge, not far from the Akrotiri Peninsula and Chania.  We planned ahead and brought two cars, dropping one at the bottom of the gorge in the little town of Faraggi.  The best decision we could have made that day…  The bottom of the gorge follows […]

Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof

Respecting the Enemy

The events of World War II left Germany as the enemy of just about every person on planet Earth.  I will not go into the Nazi party’s actions or debate the wrong or right of any of it.  Rather, today I am talking about the men who served in Germany’s military during that time period. […]

Hiking Dead's Gorge

Dead’s Gorge

There is not much to say for our stay on the East coast of Crete, I believe the pictures will say it far better…  We stayed the second night of our road trip in the remote little village of Kato Zakros at Athena Rooms.  It was a cute little hotel of only 4 rooms, we […]

"The Stairway of Death"

Hiking Richtis Gorge

In early February we decided to take advantage of a weekend and head to the east side of the island.  Looking online, there are so many things to see and do over there, so we had to pick and choose what we could and wanted to do with the limited time.  After work on Friday […]


Cave of the 99 Holy Fathers

We found ourselves in need of an adventure yesterday, however the weather forecast involved random rain showers throughout the day.  In a landscape that is dominated by loose rock and dirt, hiking down a gorge wasn’t the smartest of options.  Browsing online, my friend stumbled upon some various caves on a geocaching website.  One in […]

Pure Magic: Kourtaliotiko Gorge Falls

Magic in Crete…

So… I finally found my absolute favorite place in Crete…  The surprise of it all is, it’s not very far away…  How on earth have I not heard of such a magical place that is only about an hour and a half away from Chania?????  I guess some people just aren’t as into exploring as […]