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From an Old, Abandoned Farmhouse in Missouri

From an Old, Abandoned Farmhouse in Missouri

Before moving to England in the summer of 2013, I lived in Omaha, Nebraska for several years.  I will be honest, I’m from the Northeast coast of the US and Nebraska wasn’t exactly my cup of tea when I first arrived.  I was used to forests, mountains, blue rivers and oceans…  Nebraska is pretty flat, a hill here or there, but definitely no mountains.  Forests are few and far between and mostly just along the Missouri River.  Arbor Day started in Nebraska as an attempt to populate the state with forests…  It provided some trees, but not enough.  And that Missouri River…  That’s brown.  No blue water to be found anywhere near Omaha.  So yes, I was highly disappointed when I first arrived.  Eventually, once settled, I started getting out, exploring the area, and trying to find things to be positive about.  By the end of my time there, I actually enjoyed life in Nebraska, and I will admit, I was a little homesick for it while in England.  Nebraska, and the surrounding states, is riddled with old abandoned farmhouses, old cemeteries, and random sights.  I had a blast exploring the back gravels roads, there was always something interesting to see.  Nebraska also turned out to be a good home base for seeing many other sights as well, including the Ozarks in Missouri (about an 8 hour drive), the Badlands and Black Hills in South Dakota (about 8 hours to the Badlands, and another hour or so to the Black Hills), and the Rocky Mountains in Colorado (again, about 8-9 hours away), not to mention some of the interesting sites in Western Nebraska (about 6 hours).  I covered a lot of ground in my few years there, and have plenty of things to blog about on here whenever I have the time (and nothing to post for any European countries), but for now there’s just a couple simple posts…

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