United Kingdom

Rusty and I on Top of the World at Curbar Edge in the Peak District

Rusty and I on Top of the World at Curbar Edge in the Peak District

I moved to the county of Suffolk in England in the summer of 2013.  I am currently set on spending a few years there, maybe more, but we’ll see how things go work wise before I go saying it’ll be a super long-term thing…  Life in England, while similar to the United States in many ways, has its own little quirks to get used to.  I always considered them to be on our level of technology, however cell phone coverage is still something being developed there apparently.  My cell has coverage very randomly, and does not have coverage in my house, I had to get a phone line so I could be reached while at home!  Window screens…  they claim they do not have a bug problem, and that is why they do not have screens in any windows, but I’d like them to tell that to the swarm of mosquitoes that covered the walls in my house this past summer.  I didn’t actually get any bug bites, however, so maybe that is what they meant by the no bug problem thing…  Either way, I think they need to get behind the window screens idea and maybe get some.  Regardless of those little quirks, I do love life in England, it, with all of its quirks, is a completely new experience that I have been so lucky to get.

Below are links to the pages for the various “kingdoms” of the UK, each containing links to related posts:


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