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The Ceiling of the Bath Abbey

Her Conversation Agreeable

After bouncing around some places in Cornwall, we drove up to Bath and stayed a night there at the Highways Guest House.  The little bed & breakfast is located just outside the downtown/historical area of Bath, supposedly a 15 minute walk if you chose to do so (we just took a quick cab ride for […]


DANGER – Old Mine Workings

So…. I love old abandoned buildings.  How many times will I say that?  Probably a million!  I enjoy searching for these before I go places, hoping to find something that will be in the area I’m passing through, something amazing, forgotten, and worth the stop to photograph it.  There’s just something about a building that […]

Wandering in Dartmoor

Some More Dartmoor

We continued to make our way through Dartmoor National Park, stopping here and there for little sights.  One of these was to see an old clapper bridge in the little town of Postbridge.  Clapper bridges were made (usually) during the medieval times, some are more recent.  They consist of large, flat stones for the bridge surface, resting […]

Wild Dartmoor Pony

The Wild Ponies of Dartmoor

So, if you google Dartmoor National Park at all, you will likely find plenty of mentions of the wild ponies that inhabit the park.  I have attempted to find wild horses in Wyoming before, which turned out to be quite elusive and shy.  I didn’t have high hopes for finding the ponies in Dartmoor, and […]

Spinster's Rock

Spinster’s Rock

And so…  I am finally back home in England!  I have been for a bit actually, life has just been a little bit busy… I wasn’t long at home, though, before I was right back on the road, this time to explore the Devon and Cornwall counties.  The first day was spent accomplishing the just […]