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The Fortified Church of Saschiz

After driving for a bit, we stumbled upon Saschiz Fortified Church, in the little town of the same name.  Eager for a stop, we pulled over to see it and stretch our legs.  Up on a hill behind the village is a large, old fortress.  I don’t know if you can visit this one, it […]

The Holy Trinity Church (Biserica Sfânta Treime din Sighişoara)

Churches & a Russian Cemetery in Romania

Once back at the car, we headed across the river to see the Holy Trinity Church (Biserica Sfânta Treime din Sighişoara).  This is a more modern Romanian Orthodox church, built in the first half of the 20th century.  Even though it is not as old as the rest, it is undoubtedly beautiful with its stark […]

Sighișoara and its Clock Tower in the early morning

A Morning in Sighișoara

We woke up relatively early in the morning to be able to wander around the little, old fortified town of Sighișoara.  If you’re up and out the door before or around 9 in the morning, you can wander the streets with very few other people out and about.  I have always preferred to take my […]

Could there have been a more beautiful sunrise for this day?!?

Happy Summer Solstice from Stonehenge!!

Time to take a little hiatus from my posts about the travels through Romania, to bring to you something a little special…  Every year, for both the summer and the winter solstices, English Heritage opens up Stonehenge to the public, free of charge, to wander amongst the stones.  I wouldn’t really have bothered with this, […]

Biserica fortificată din Șaroș pe Târnave

A Drive of Fortified Churches

After exploring our first fortified church, we got back on the road (route 14), off to see some more of them.  The weather changed to some light rain, and provided us with some lovely rainbows for our drive.  We turned south onto route/road 141 and started a loop that would eventually bring us back onto […]

Up in the tower of the Biserica Fortificata din Axente Sever

Exploring a Fortified Church

It was still a long drive of a couple hours before we finally passed by Sibiu and started in the direction of Sighisoara.  The stretch of land between these two cities is littered with old fortified churches and we had a lot of them plotted on the GPS to hit.  Where else do you see […]

It wouldn't be Vlad the Impaler's castle without impaled people, would it?

Vlad the Impaler’s ACTUAL Castle (Not The Tourist Trap One)

We were up early the next day to head about an hour north of Pitesti to hike up to see Poenari Castle.  Most of you probably have no idea this castle exists, or why it is of any interest.  Turns out, Bran Castle is not Dracula’s castle.  From what I understand, Vlad Țepeș, otherwise known as […]